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PreußGuitars - German Version
PreußGuitars - German Version
PreußGuitars - German Version
PreußGuitars - German Version
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We are a family-run craft workshop in Markneukirchen in the Vogtland. Here in the Musikwinkel, musical instruments have been manufactured for over 300 years, a tradition we are keen to follow. Partly using modern production methods, we are proud to make musical instruments by hand. Our guitar-making techniques also include Spanish and American plucked-instrument making styles. We use high-quality tonewoods, seasoned for at least ten years.
A new instrument is created in close cooperation with the customer and exclusively according to their requirements. Models can be selected from our extensive range, and details individually combined. The individual design and development process means that the finished product is a distinctive and unique instrument.
Selectable Parameters:

  • Choice of woods
  • Choice of hardware (components, makes, colours)
  • Choice of pickups (make, number, colour with / without frame)
  • 6, 7 or 8 stringed guitars
  • 4, 5 or 6 stringed basses
  • Neck dimensions (thickness, width, profile)
  • Scale
  • Bindings, purflings, soundhole inlays
  • German / Spanish neck (acoustic guitar)
  • Bolt-on / glued / neck-through necks (electric guitar)

  • Bevel (acoustic)
  • Shapings (electric)
  • Closable side soundhole (acoustic)
  • Solid body / chambered body (electric)
  • Semi or fully acoustic
  • Multiscale fingerboard
  • Mother-of-pearl or metal custom inlays
  • Finish (paint, varnish: silk-matt or high gloss)
  • Further options on request

Our instruments are decorated with artistic figures according to the wishes of our customers. Handmade, inlaid and engraved by Friederike Preuß, these figures are made mainly of real mother-of-pearl and /or different metals. Each original PreußGuitars instrument can be recognised by the company logo in solid mother-of-pearl. Customers can opt to have their individual inlay on the instrument of their choice. For this we mostly require just a sketch or photo as a PDF or JPG file.
We carry out repair and restoration work of older or used instruments professionally and sensitively. In the case of complex breaks or complete restorations we do our best to save as much of the original mass of the instrument as possible.

Repair and Restoration Work:

  • Gluing cracks in the top, bottom or side
  • Gluing broken headstocks
  • Closing unwanted previously milled / drilled holes
  • Neck angle adjustment (neck reset)
  • Neck reshaping
  • Fret / fingerboard dressing / refretting
  • Replacement / repair of electronics

    • Replacement / repair of hardware
    • Replacement of fingerboard, bridge or other damaged parts
    • Manufacture of new top and/or bottom
    • Completing missing parts e.g.ornamentation
    • Manufacture of new neck
    • Further repair and alterations on request
    Through regular servicing and maintenance in our workshop, instruments can retain their quality and optimal playability for many years.

    The instrument is adjusted to individual playing styles in our craft workshop in partnership with the musician.
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    YouTube-Kanal Preuß Guitars
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    Facebook Preuß Guitars
    YouTube-Kanal Preuß Guitars
    Facebook Preuß Guitars
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